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03. Customize A Car - 40893
04. The Ride Pimper - 36721
05. Customize Your R... - 29795
06. Fix My Bus - 29617
07. Pimp My Lamborgh... - 27499
08. Fix my Bike Kawa... - 26127
09. Owners Proposal - 25297
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Pimp My Ride Games
Owners Proposal Owners Proposal
A doctor, a thief, a Kid and a detective wants to get their car modeled as per their taste and desire.Each one of them have different ideas on modeling their car. All you have to do is to design cars individually for each one of them according to their de
Tune my Kawasaki Q Jetski Tune my Kawasaki Q Jetski
Love water-sports? Customize your jet ski . Change the body,colour,background and much more and hit the water.
Pirate Ship Pirate Ship
Always wanted your very own pirate ship and be Jack Sparrow. Well you can do it here. Customize your very own ship. You can even have sharks around your ship.
Fix My Bus Fix My Bus
Put all the parts of the bus in its proper place and then pimp it just the way that you want it.
Pimp My Jeep Pimp My Jeep
Jeeps are the coolest vehicles to pimp. want a pink jeep? Well you can get one in this game. Go wild with your imagination.
Customize Your Go Kart Customize Your Go Kart
Customize your go kart and dress up your driver. A pimped up kart need a pimped up driver to compliment it.
Pimp My Sleigh Pimp My Sleigh
Christmas is round the corner . Its time to pimp your Sleigh. Select from a range of cool items. You can even send the picture of your sleigh to your friends and view the gallery.
Pimp My Classic Racer Pimp My Classic Racer
Set the racer in you free. Dress you classic racer. A pimped car will definitely win the race.
The Ride Pimper The Ride Pimper
Play this cool game. Change the colour, Rims and even the background.
Pimp My Car
Pimp Your car Pimp Your car
Pimp Your car. Change the rims, Colour, Add spoilers and much more. Then take it for a test drive around the town.
Pimp My Lamborghini Pimp My Lamborghini
Now customize your Lamborghini for absolutely nothing and its not hard. Just use your mouse and get clicking.
Pimp My Cute Car Pimp My Cute Car
Love eye popping colours?Create your very own custom sport's car.
Pimp My Porsche Carrera Pimp My Porsche Carrera
Pimp your porche. You can experiment with everything that you can imagine. Customize your car,change the scene and sit back and enjoy.
Customize Your Ride Customize Your Ride
Choose your car and customize your ride. You can change anything that you want. Add hoods,tints and spoiler. Change the background and add your hottie.
Pimp My Maserati Pimp My Maserati
A simple and interesting game.Pimp your Maserati.Change the rims ,lights and hood and you are ready to go.
Customize A Car Customize A Car
Customize your own car. Change the spoilers, rims, body colour, add stickers and much more.
Pimp My Bike
Tune My Hubless Tune My Hubless
Customize your bike and take it for a test drive. Can't get any better.
Fix my Bike Kawasaki Fix my Bike Kawasaki
Fix you bike and then modify it just the way you want your dream bike to look like.
Pimp My Bike Honda CB 1000R Pimp My Bike Honda CB 1000R
This is the coolest pimp my bike game.Pimp your bike and the rider as he is racing. You can even change the background.
Pimp My Bike Pimp My Bike
Customize your bike. Built your dream bike. change the box, seat,silencer , engine. You can also move the bike up and down.

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